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Francization certificate: here's the support you've been waiting for!

Has your company started the francization process with the Office Québécois de la langue française (OQLF - Québec's language authority)? Let me make it easier for you and save you the hassle.

I make sure you...

Understanding the OQLF rules
on the francization of businesses

If you do business in Quebec, you must comply with Bill 14
(formerly Bill 96) and the Official Languages Act.
The rules that apply depend on the size of your business.


Before June 1, 2025,
you must kick-start
your francization process
by registering with the OQLF.
If you reach the threshold of
25 employees after this date, you will then have six months to register.


As soon as your team reaches
50 employees, you have
six months to register with
the OQLF in order to get
your francization certificate.


Over 100 employees,
you must get your
francization certificate,
AND set up a
francization committee.

Applying the rules in your company
depending on your specific situation

You haven't started the process yet?

Don't wait: once your company is registered with the OQLF, you only have a few months to submit an analysis of your linguistic situation. This is a tight time frame considering the scale of the task. Read my blog post on the subject.


In fact, you have two options:

  1. Postpone the francization process to the last minute. Since you may not have time to resolve compliance issues before submitting your language analysis, and the OQLF could then require that you implement a francization program, I strongly advise you to start the process as soon as possible.

  2. Prepare the ground before you are required to undertake the francization process. Together, we can address compliance issues in advance, and voilà! All you have to do is wait for your francization certificate.

Écran de tablette montrant des règles de l'OQLF
Écran d'ordinateur avec les mots travailler en français
Do you need to set up a francization program?

I strongly encourage you to seek support in this complex process.


Indeed, it can be difficult to evaluate the scope of the tasks required, the different solutions available to you and the deadlines that come with the implementation of these solutions. And the Charter of the French Language does not cover all scenarios, which raises many questions.


However, I know the requirements thoroughly and I can help you put together a francization program that you will be able to carry out and which will have every chance of being approved by the OQLF.

Do you already have your francization certificate?

Well done! You've come a long way. To save you from having to redo the work in the future, let's plan out what reports you will need to submit every three years, and what practices you need to retain your francization certificate.


And since the regulation evolves without the information always being accessible to the public, I will keep you informed of any significant changes.


In addition, if your company employs 100 people or more, you now have a francization committee to manage. My range of action includes:

  • Planning and leading meetings

  • Training committee members on their role and responsibilities

  • Answering their questions

  • Writing the minutes for the OQLF

Certificat de francisation

Reduce friction
on the path to francization

Compliance made easy

To get a francization certificate, you must deal with a whole lot of paperwork. And to retain it over the years, there are many tasks to handle on an ongoing basis.


As a business owner, you surely have better things to focus on.


Since I have been working on corporate francization for over 20 years, my approach is pragmatic and effective. I can therefore support you by:


  • Deciphering the OQLF correspondence for you (and making the information accessible in English for your English-speaking colleagues)

  • Supervising the gathering of the information and documentation
    required by the OQLF from 
    your various departments
    (Human Resources, Information Technology, Communications, etc.)

  • Auditing your facilities to identify compliance issues, from your IT tools to
    your social media accounts, to your internal and external documentation, and much more

  • Filling out the documents for the OQLF on your behalf

  • Answering your team's questions about your obligations

  • Directing you to the resources you need (translation, French lessons, etc.)

Your sensitive data is being protected

No entrepreneur likes the idea of having their activities scrutinized by the OQLF. However, the francization process often raises delicate questions. Thanks to my extensive experience, I can either answer them or get the details you need while preserving your anonymity.

Save yourself some trouble

It is reassuring to have guidance when starting the process for the very first time. And since I have carried out the certification and renewal process several times, I can save you many surprises. My approach is based on empathy.

Anik Pelletier veston rouge

Anik Pelletier consultation: your ally in francization

Let's define your strategy and start the francization process by:

  • I check if your business complies with all the rules

  • I recommend appropriate corrective measures

  • I design your francization program

  • I help you set up and manage your francization committee

  • I advise you on policies and practices
    to adopt

  • I train your staff and management team

  • I design activities to promote the French language

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